Corporate Customers

Het Klaverblad provides tailored solutions for corporate customers with special pricing, preparation and delivery conditions. We are experienced in handling large size orders and delivering them both to your institutional address or directly to each individual home address of your recipients.

Batch delivery of coffee and tea packages

Offering a package of premium coffee or tea to your employees, business partners or customers is always a perfect gift in a special occasion. You are enabling inspiring moments in their lives, and you will be recognised for that.

Bulk delivery of coffee and tea

Drinking coffee and tea at work is a basic need for most of us, of which Het Klaverblad finest selections enhance to an exclusive experience that triggers the best of our creativity, performance and social mood. We understand what sets apart your high-achieving team and our flavours are key ingredients for their success.

Individual store credit for home delivery of coffee and tea

In alternative of buying bulk or packaged coffee and tea, you can offer your staff individual store credit at Het Klaverblad to spend at will and being delivered at home. This has been a particular attractive benefit with the rise of teleworking, as more professionals now buy and prepare coffee and tea at home themselves.

How does it work?

  1. You decide a credit to offer to each of your personnel to spend at our webshop.
  1. You share the list of your eligible staff, the store credit value to be awarded and expiration date, if any. They are then notified by email of given individual accounts on our website.
  1. Each account holds the credit you defined, which can be used to deduct on purchases (except shipping costs) until the expiration date. Your personnel will receive the orders at the comfort of their homes.
  1. If you opt for invoicing only at the expiration date, we will only charge you the actual individual credit spent, not the credit you offered. In this case, the invoice will detail the credit spent per individual account.

You can offer it as a one time occasion or recurring (ex. monthly). In the latter case, at the start of the next period the store credit is reset to the initial value on the accounts of your staff.


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