And now

What sets Het Klaverblad apart so that people from all over the world buy us coffee and tea?


A comprehensive range of products

First of all there is this amazing smell of over 250 years of coffee, tea and herbs.

Secondly there is of course the wide range of high quality products. In the coffee, the number of espressos single espressos and blends is overwhelming and so are the single roasts from all over the world.

Roasted from light and creamy to dark and strong, from fruity to nutty to sometimes even with an "earth-like" taste. For those who cannot find their favourite with the standards, we are is always willing to develop a personal blend.

And so it is for the tea: when you are looking for an Earl Grey, there are six varieties to choose with quite a difference among them. We are always available to help you in picking your favourite. What is for the Earl Grey is also for the Jasmine teas, for the Lapsang Souchong and for many others.

Marion Jacobs

However, all the above are only parts of the answer. The knowledge of our director Marion Jacobs in curating the best flavours by extensively researching for new suppliers, evaluating innovative blending techniques, tasting and cupping different products in order to detain the most trending collection of coffee and tea for your unique experiences.

Marion Jacobs

If you have the chance of visiting our shop in Leiden perhaps you might be able of meeting Marion Jacobs in person, which will surely share with you amazing moments of our centenary coffee and tea expertise. Complemented with the look and smell of our amazing products, your stop at Het Klaverblad becomes a memorable experience.

Our physical+digital blend

Whether you buy directly on our website or at our physical shop, we strive to assure that you obtain the same experience of our superior products and century-old expertise.

While you might not be surprised when you visit us in Leiden and see a customer putting his or her nose in a tin, you might find yourself reaching us via online and having a video call where we show you how special our products are even on a screen.

And not only our website offers the same collection of coffee and tee, you have the comfortable experience of having a home-delivery option. But you are always invited to buy on-line and pick up in our shop, to have the best of both worlds. You can also fully customise your purchase, such as requesting grounded coffee or shipping as gift.

In addition, we offer product subscriptions and tailored solutions for larger purchases, like corporate accounts or business gifts.

If you miss something or have any questions about our products, please do feel free to contact us.