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What makes Het Klaverblad so special that people from all over the Netherlands (and abroad!) do buy their coffee and tea here?


A comprehensive range of products

When you visit the shop it seems to be easy to answer this question.

First of all there is this amazing smell of over 250 years of coffee, tea and herbs.

Secondly there is of course the wide range of high quality products. In the coffee, the number of espressos single espressos and blends is overwhelming and so are the single roasts from all over the world.

Roasted from light and creamy to dark and strong, from fruity to nutty to sometimes even with an "earth-like" taste. For those who cannot find their favourite with the standards, the staff of the shop is always willing to develop a personal blend.

And so it is for the tea: when you ask for an Earl Grey the staff will friendly ask you which of the six varieties you prefer. As there is quite a difference in these varieties, you will be asked to judge them by the smell and so pick your favourite. What is for the Earl Grey is also for the Jasmine teas, for the Lapsang Souchong and for many others.

Whatever tea you like, there is always more than one type, there is always choice and you can always select the one you like best. No matter if it is tea or herbal infusion, don’t be surprised when you see people putting their nose in a tin.

Marion Jacobs

However, all the above are only parts of the answer. Why people literary stand in line for Het Klaverblad is most probably the person of owner Marion Jacobs she really makes the difference. Her knowledge and personal approach bring the loyalty of our clients who often make a detour for their new stock.

When it is your turn she will give you the feeling that it is all about you. Even on a busy Saturday she takes time to help you and to make sure you’ll leave the shop happier than when you entered it. Also if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, Marion will help you to find what you might have had in mind.

Marion Jacobs

The knowledge and warm personality of Marion together with the range of top quality products make a visit to Het Klaverblad a genuine experience.

Our website

When ordering from our website, you will miss the sensation of a visit to our shop.

But! You’ll have the same choice in coffee, tea and herbal infusions, and you’ll have the comfortable experience of having the goods home-delivered.

If you miss something or have any questions about our products, please do feel free to contact us.