Offer coffee and tea to your employees working from home!

These days, more and more people work from home.

Instead of having tea and coffee served at the working place, teleworking professionals now buy and prepare them at home themselves.

And instead of buying bulk coffee and tea for on-site servicing, various organisations are already granting their employees credit in our store for home delivery!

If teleworking is a reality in your company or institution, we propose you the subscription of a Corporate Account at Het Klaverblad for home delivery of coffee and tea to your employees.

How does it work?

Calculate Store Credit

  1. You decide a monthly credit for each of your employees to spend at our webshop. For example, the typical individual coffee and tea consumption per month for most of our customers is 30 €.

Present personnel data

  1. You share with us the list of your eligible employees (name, email address) and the store credit value to be awarded. They are notified by email of given individual accounts on our website.

Shopping from home

  1. Each account holds the credit you defined, which can be used to deduct on purchases (shipping costs excluded). Your employees will receive the orders at the comfort of their homes.

Reset Credit

  1. At the start of the next month the store credit is reset to the initial value on the accounts of your employees. unless otherwise notified by you (5 working days’ notice period).


  1. We will issue a single invoice with details of the credit spent per employee on the given month. We only charge you the actual individual credit spent, not the credit you offered.  

Of course, all costs above the monthly store credit limit are supported by the employee.

From our experience, this is regarded by employees as a very attractive benefit, which boosts morale, well being, work productivity and engagement with your organisation!

Leave us your contact and we will get back to you!